Offline One on One Course

| Teaching Method

one teacher VS one student

| Teaching Time

from 7am to 9pm, one on one is flexible

| Teaching Content

teacher will make a specific plan depending on your level and requirements

| Course Description

How can we learn a foreign language most effectively? Everyone has different opinions, but one-to-one course is believed to be a good choice.

During your class, you could freely discuss the difficulties and main points of Chinese with your teacher, if you would like to learn about Chinese history, culture, tourist attractions, food, economics and politics, Panda Chinese teachers will explain clearly to you!

If you are busy with work and cannot attend classes every day or if you live far away from school and do not want to come to school, then one-on-one Chinese course is the first choice for you!

30hours Valid Period 3 month
60hours Valid Period 6 month
100hours Valid Period 1 year

Contact us

Room1511, BuildingA, SOHO New Town, Dawanglu, Chaoyang District, Beijing.




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